Early Childhood Curriculum

Educators at our centre aim to create positive learning environments and guide experiences for each child in conjunction with their family. Educators will observe children to determine their achievements, strengths and interests, then plan to extend their interests and build upon their strengths. All observations, learning stories and samples of the children's work is kept for future reference and reflection, through use of portfolios. These will be added to regularly by Educators, families and children and they will be reflected upon by Educators to ensure programming for each child remains relevant to their interests and developmental stage. We provide the children with ongoing opportunities for active learning through play. We encourage them to explore, create, investigate, observe, experiment, make choices and problem solve by engaging in play activities within both the indoor and outdoor learning environment. We hope that every child will become a successful, confident and capable individual.

Our service is committed to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Fundamental to this framework is a view of children's lives as characterised by belonging, being and becoming.

The Framework conveys the highest expectations for all children's learning from birth through to the transition to school. It communicates these expectations through the following outcomes:

Underpinning the framework are five principles.

Indoor environment Outdoor environment