Medowie Community Preschool has a comprehensive policy document that is available for all families to access at all times. These policies have been written in accordance with the Education and Care Services and National Regulations 2011.

Policy List
Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation Policy
Additional Needs Policy
Administration of Authorised Medication Policy
Animal and Pet Policy
Bomb Threat
Chemical Spills Policy
Child Protection Policy
Complaints Policy
Death of a Child Policy
Education, Curriculum and Learning Policy
Educator Arrangements Policy
Emergency management and Evacuation Policy
Enrolment and Orientation for Children Policy
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Excursion Policy
Family Law and Access Policy
Fees Policy
Food Nutrition and Beverage Policy
Health, Hygiene and Safe Food Policy
Immunisation and Disease Prevention Policy
Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy
Infectious Disease Policy
Lockdown Policy
Management Interactions and Responsibilities Policy
Medical - Asthma Policy
Medical - Epilepsy Policy
Medical Conditions Policy
National Quality Framework Policy
Parental Interaction and Involvement in the Service Policy
Photography Policy
Physical Activity Promotion Policy
Policy and Procedure Review Policy
Preschool Committee Executive Membership Policy
Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
Record Keeping and Retention Policy
Relationships with Children Policy
Sandpit Policy
Sleep, Rest, Relaxation and Clothing Policy
Social Networking Usage Policy
Staffing Appraisal
Staff Car Park Policy
Staff/Educator Policy
Staffing Arrangements Policy
Sun Smart Policy
Technology Usage Policy
Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Policy
Transition to School Policy
Unenrolled Children Policy
Work Experience Students and Volunteers Policy
Workplace Safety, Learning and Administration Policy